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Celine parties at Kelly's

Someone at OCC - OneClickChicks collected a bunch of pictures from a woman named Celine at Kelly's party in 2008... »»» Click here to read the rest of this story...

Lift that skirt and show me that shaved pussy !

skirt see-through pussy redhead

She looks happy to be there and show off her shaven pussy under her see-through (very short) skirt... just a great smile and a lovely lady... moar !

Original picture by keys2008 at Flickr

Key West on number 6 of Carnival recommendation... (escapade.co.uk)

According to the Escapade web site: "Fantasy Fest is a 10 day event that comprises of a drink fueled marathon, pumping live bands and climaxes in a huge themed costume extravaganza.This combined with the almost tropical conditions of the Florida Keys makes for a truly amazing carnival experience."

Post your own Fantasy Fest links below in the comments section !

Nice Tiger with Green Eyes


PA250012, originally uploaded by Tom Croom.

Seems like she's getting wet !

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