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About TheBestOfFantasyFest.Com

This website is created to show some of the best amateur pictures of Fantasy Fest, Key West.

We focus on full bodypainting and cute girls - showing off all there assets. Occasionally we will post a non-fully nude girl - if she is really cute (or wears see-through clothing). We avoid girls wearing masks or woman without a face - in short: we are looking for nice ladies showing both their boobs and pussies.

If you have questions about this website, address them to webmaster@bestoffantasyfest.com. »»» Click here to read the rest of this story...

Free Advertising... Bodypainted Beer Ads !

Bud Light Couple

Free advertising through product placement... I wonder if these boys and girls get paid to plaster the Bud and Miller logos across their chests and breasts... »»» Click here to read the rest of this story...

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