Product Placement - Showing off your Sponsor Logo

I always wondered if some women are being paid to show off - not to parade with their nice naked body, but to show off product, team or sponsor logo's spray painted onto their boobs or other gorgeous places...

I'll use this page for now to show some of these naked billboards... feel free to add your contribution below using the comments button - or email your pictures to webmaster @ bestoffantasyfest . com and if you have a big stack of pictures / movies you would like to share, drop us an email and we will be glad to provide you some file transfer and/or webspace to show off you materials !

  • Sports teams...
  • Steelers Broncos Yankees Red Sox dallas cowboys couple miami-dolphins couple

    See the full high resolution pictures at Steelers - Broncos - Red Sox - Yankees Fans Naked

    Drinks - non beer / wine / spirits

    Red Bull Gives You Wings
    Red Bull Blonde Girl Naked
    More at D-Cup Red-Bull Girl - Energy !



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