How to get to the money

Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest, originally uploaded by my new clever name.

Plenty of signs on how to get to where you need to be, not ?

Must be one of the only...

...painted bushes. Most girls come nicely shaved - I guess that's easier (to remove the paint).

Why criticize?

Why is it if a gal like Cindy does not shave folks have to question why?
Can't we just appreciate that Cindy is showing so much that we know she's not shaved (but trimmed) and enjoy?

Not questioning... or criticizing !

Just noting she was one of the only women I saw that year with a painted trimmed bush rather than a smooth shaven pussy - and making the reflection that it is likely easier to wash the paint of skin than washing it out of your public hair. Myself, I do appreciate a nicely trimmed pussy...

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