Taking your daughter to Fantasy Fest...


IMG_1455, originally uploaded by PatKat2009.

...but forgot her clothes at home ?

Is this mother and daughter ?

Is this a mother and daughter couple ? Perhaps not, but it sure could be looking at their age... and both of them are sexy in their own way... see through lingerie or full bodypaint with the tongue in the right place...

mother-daughter-tongue and see through

Credits for original image to Victor Murray at Flickr

Wednesday October 28th 2009

More of the naked skeleton girlie

My original pictures of Skeleton girlie visiting Fantasy Fest with her mom and dad are at my pbase gallery page.

Skeleton and dad

Skeleton girl and mom

Another naked sexy skeleton

From FF 2009... by gh party pics2 on flickr:

naked sexy skeleton

Here's another one's daughter...

Fantasy Fest 048

I wonder which country's flag this represents ?

Another nice "daughter at fantasy-fest"

Take a look at joeww's fickr picture it's certainly worth following the link ! She really can't be that old - with a nice smile and some other great assets !

his daughter at fantasy fest

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