In a Purple Haze...

Close Up Purple Cunny

As the first picture highlight from 2011... a special close-up. We don't like pictures without the face of the lovely Fantasy Fest girls, but for this one we made an exception. Does someone have a full picture of this girl ? Please comment or email if you do !

Original picture on Flickr by beaven52.

Now now for a totally new and different Octo-pussy (younger !)

well, I was looking for the topic octopussy... but the close up below clearly is from someone totally different (and seems a lot younger !). Anyone has a head-shot that belongs to this shaven beaver ?

Young Playfull Octo-Pussy

Original picture by tru_phreaque at Flickr.

Another Octo-pussy full monthy shot (ff 2011)

Octo-pussy fully naked

I came across this extra shot of one of my 2011 favorites... Octo-pussy girl... and I thought you would like the extra photo (by Mark Fioravanti)

Octopussy showing more...

Well, I still have not found a headshot or a full bodyshot of her... but this picture already shows a lot more of "octopussy"...

octopussy fantasy fest 2011

Found her - Octopussy Girl showing it all

Here she is... finally. Head to toe - butt naked. Thanks to qagyhidu at OCC - Click to see the Full Size Picture.

FF2011 octopussy girl naked

Same day, same MILF, same Octo-pussy

But from a different photographer (Thank you FantasyFestMemories):

FF2011 Octopussy Naked Smile

So should we consider this thread closed - or is there someone who has more sexy pictures of her ?

cool story bro

cool story bro

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